From the New York Times best-selling author of Bartimaeus

Jonathan Stroud


One The Screaming Staircase

Two The Whispering Skull

Three The Hollow Boy

Four The Creeping Shadow

Five The Empty Grave

Praise from RICK RIORDAN: "This story will keep you reading late into the night, but you'll want to leave the lights on. . . . Put The Screaming Staircase on your 'need to read' list.

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When you go out hunting wicked spirits, it's the simple things that matter most.

Jonathan Stroud

Jonathan Stroud has been a fan of fantasy stories since a childhood illness confined him to bed and encouraged him to escape by reading.

He started writing at a young age, experimenting with creating comic books, history and even board games. After majoring in English Literature at York University, Jonathan took a job as an editor in London.

Meanwhile, he kept writing and finally decided to dedicate himself to it full time. In 2003, he published the first Bartimaeus book, which would go on to become a New York Times bestselling series.

He lives in England with his wife and family.

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